Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More of my Stamping Place

I love my idea to use this longaberger piece for my punch storage. I just got all this rubbermaid plastic drawer storage...doesn't look too bad. I use my longaberger baskets for odds and ends know all the things that need homes so you throw it in the basket. The comfy chair is for my darling husband when he comes up to visit me when I am stamping or tutoring online to pay for my stamping addiction. The chair is placed right in front of a large televison. He can watch his programs and chat with me.


mum on the run said...

Wow, what an amzing place you have!

schafer said...

OK, I've never seen such a neat stamping room. What a pleasure it must be to stamp in there! Will you come to my house and fix my stamping room up?